SeaBreezer for your roof, attic space or shed


A wind directional skylight ventilator that removes hot, moist air from roof spaces while also providing natural light into the roof space. The advantages of the SeaBreezer are:

– Innovative new aerodynamic design. Aesthetically pleasing on all architecture
– Fully tested at the University of Technology, Sydney to AS4740
– Complies to the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
– 100% more efficient than other skylight ventilators
– Extracts heat from the roof space, reducing cooling costs
– Reduces condensation, mould and mildew improving the effectiveness of most types of insulation
– Removes stale air and odours
– Discourages possums, termites, rats, mice and other nocturnal pests
– Allows light transmission for storage space in the attic
– Hi-Impact dome made from UV, hail resistant Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate
– Operates Silently with NO RUNNING COSTS

Includes installation instructions for both tiled and metal deck roofs.

The SeaBreezer is also ideal for sheds, bringing in natural light and ventilation without the need for a power connection!



SkyVent for any room that needs ventilation and light

Bathroom SkyVent inside

A combined skylight with 300mm diameter x 1.8 m length flexi-light tube and adjustable diffuser to bring natural ventilation and daylight, directly into any room of your home. The SkyVent is the only product of its type Daylight/ Natural ventilator that can ventilate 3600 L/min @ Sydney’s average windspeed.

The SkyVent includes a SeaBreezer + 1.8 m flexi-light tube and adjustable ceiling diffuser.

Ventilate at the source of moisture 24/7 Naturally!

Ideal for bathrooms- mechanical 90 mm vent tubes can also be connected to the 300 m SkyVent tube to provide external exhaust. For a bathroom of 3.5m x 2.5m x 2.4m = 20m3., which = 20,000 Litres of air. The SkyVent can achieve 10 Air Changes/ Hour (ACH)

For kitchens- 150 mm ducting for rangehoods can also connect into the SkyVent tube to provide an exit exhaust outlet.

The SkyVent is a revolutionary dual function tubular skylight and ventilator. It brings the functions of a tubular skylight and a ventilator into one low cost product. The one tubular skylight is ventilated by the advanced designed Wind Directional transparent dome that points into the wind and extracts air out of rooms inside the house. Ideal for bathrooms to remove hot moist air at the source. The SkyVent is a low cost method of reducing artificial lighting and associated heat. Ventilation is provided via its flexible tube connected to the aerofoil dome to remove moisture to the outside of the building envelope. Condensation inside the house is dramatically reduced by ventilating the hot moist air from it’s source directly to the outside of the building envelope. The internal air quality of the house will be greatly improved by reducing mould, mildew and associated dust mites. May also reduce many asthma related issues associated with condensation.

The SkyVent works on stack effect as well as wind suction, allowing temperature and pressure to work for you, as hot less dense air rises it is replaced by cooler denser air. The advanced design works as a solar chimney so as soon as the sun warms the head of the unit and the attic space, the temperature flow starts to drive the warm air out. The smart design also allows continuous air flow from the adjustable diffuser, trickle ventilation or no ventilation by completely closing the diffuser – Truly an advanced system with the home owners comfort in mind! No wonder the SkyVent has received so much recognition. About us